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Boat captains protest government shutdown

Each day, Capt. Matt Bellinger usually does his local radio fishing update from somewhere in the back country of the vast Everglades National Park, where he takes clients to fish for snook and tarpon or photograph birds and other wildlife.

He always ends his updates with his mantra: "Get on the water. And go fish!"

But Wednesday, Bellinger could not take clients to his fishing grounds. Like all 401 national parks, the Everglades National Park was closed by the government shutdown.

So instead of fishing, Bellinger took his flats boat to Cowpens Channel, where about 150 other boats gathered to protest the closure of the marine park.

"I've lost $10,000 in canceled trips that I'll never get back," said Bellinger, whose Bamboo Charters runs two boats. "I'm already into my war chest to survive."

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