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Boat-docking competition is a family affair

In Crisfield, Md., cousins Kevin Marshall and Buddy Evans carry on a friendly rivalry started by their fathers.

The two, who have spent much of their lives on Chesapeake Bay as watermen, even took their cordial relationship to land to play in a softball league together.

But when the 41st annual Crisfield Boat Docking Classic takes place Sept. 2, family ties take a back seat.
Asked whether they were on the same team, Evans laughed at the thought.

“We're very close, we really are,” Evans said. “But when it comes to boat docking, no way. No way. He doesn't pull for me and I don't pull for him. … He's the one I have to look out for. If he makes a mistake, then I can breathe a sigh of relief.”

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