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Boat-Shaped House for Sale in Michigan


Many boats these days are decked out with everything needed to be a suitable home on the water, but there are not many homes on land that resemble a ship. However, one lucky boating enthusiast will have the opportunity to further fuel their passion when they are not on the water, because there is a lakefront house for sale in Michigan between Lake Huron and the Saginaw Bay that looks just like a steamboat, both inside and out.


Built in 1935 by avid sailor William Baum, the five-bedroom house creates the illusion of being at sea with a steering wheel in the living room and windows that overlook the lake. There are other nautical touches throughout as well, including model sailboats and life rafts.

The house, which has a 180-degree view of the water, is listed for $750,000. It is being represented by EXP Realty. 



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