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Boat show to feature hands-on learning center

This year’s Newport International Boat Show, which runs from Sept. 13-16 in Newport, R.I., will offer Discover Boating’s newest interactive event for both sailors and powerboaters called the “Welcome to the Water Hands-On Training Series."

The collection of 60-minute and 90-minute clinics and three-hour seminars takes place on the water in a dedicated fleet of power and sailboats at the show. The hands-on, under way events are taught by Coast Guard-licensed captains who are professional, certified instructors and provide in-depth training in a broad array of subjects of interest to boaters.

A fee of $20 for the 60-minute clinics and $25 for the 90-minute sessions is required and the fee for the three-hour seminars — which includes textbooks and show admission for the day — is $125.

The program for powerboaters includes four 60-minute clinics including “Close Quarters Powerboat Handing,” “Advanced Close Quarters Maneuvering,” “Open Water Boat Handling & Seamanship” and “Anchoring & Multi-Vessel Rafting Techniques."

The three-hour seminars for powerboaters include “Powerboating Made Easy/Basic Skills” and “Advanced Docking & Precision Boat Control."

For sailors, three 90-minute clinics will be offered including “Introduction to Sailing,” “Coastal Cruising” and “Docking Under Power.” The three-hour seminars will include “Sailing Made Easy /Basic Skills” and “Advanced Sailing Skills”.

The clinics and seminars are conducted daily and class size is limited to maximize hands-on participation. Advance registration is required and additional details are available online at the boat show website at