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Boatbuilder raises the bar with publicity stunt

This summer at Nauset Marine in Orleans, Mass., Boston Whaler re-enacted its legendary stunt of cutting one of its foam-filled unsinkable boats in half – then taking both floating halves for a spin on the water.

Not to be outdone, South Florida boat builder SeaHunter recently hoisted with a crane one of its 7,000-pound, 35-foot center consoles about 20 feet in the air before dropping it to the concrete yard at Plantation Boat Mart – before cutting it in half and taking both halves onto the water.

"We came up with this idea to show people how strong the boat is," SeaHunter Boats president Ralph Montalvo told the Miami Herald. "The ultimate crash test."

The company plans to use the footage for a TV and Internet commercial, but had yet to post it on YouTube.

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