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Boater develops new mooring buoy system

Looking to improve on a device that has lacked any large-scale advances since its invention hundreds of years ago, Easton, Md., resident Peter Bailey has developed a new mooring buoy system that he says will eliminate the prior model's shortcomings.

An avid boater, Bailey has a lot of experience using vessel moorings as an alternative to anchoring and staying in marinas.

From his experiences, he said, the traditional model has one main deficiency: the pendant line that attaches the mooring buoy and chain to the vessel is left hanging in the water. While submerged, these lines not only are susceptible to being run over by boat props, but also to attracting marine growth, he said.

"Anyone who has picked up a dirty mooring pendant from the water knows that the slime, sea grass and even barnacles and other tiny marine creatures can dirty up your boat and your hands to a very bothersome degree," Bailey said. "I thought there had to be a better way."

Click here for the full report with photo of Bailey’s mooring buoy.