Boater finds goodwill for his actions


Hundreds of people are showing their gratitude for David Henneberry, the Watertown, Mass., man and boater who alerted police after discovering Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hiding in his boat.

The boat, shrink-wrapped for the winter and parked in Henneberry's backyard, was "all shot up" during a standoff with police that ended with Tsarnaev's arrest, neighbor George Pizzuto told ABC News.

"That boat's his baby," Pizzuto said. "He takes care of it like you wouldn't believe. He's going to be heartbroken."

The unsolicited outpouring extends beyond the Web. A woman from Florida told she sent a $25 check to Henneberg's address. A Florida lawyer said he plans to donate $1,000. And Watertown Police Chief Edward Deveau told reporters he got an email from someone in Detroit wanting to replace the 22-foot Seahawk.

The Facebook group "Help get David Henneberry a new boat!" has more than 800 members. A verified Crowdtilt campaign has collected more than $4,800 as of Monday. Their goal: $50,000, or what Henneberry's boat is said to be worth.

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