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Boater protests trailering fine

A Manteca, Calif., man recently painted an angry message on his garage door after receiving a fine for illegally parking his boat.

Ty Fredrick received a $250 fine for parking his boat in his driveway while he was washing it, a news report says. In protest, Fredrick painted a message on his garage to town officials: “Do you know what sucks? A $250 ticket for parking my boat in my own driveway.”

City officials say Fredrick was fined after ignoring a previous written warning to relocate the boat, the report says. According to a city ordinance, owners of houses built before 1978 can park boats anywhere on their property. Fredrick’s house missed the cut off date by one month.

Fredrick says he plans to keep his message on the garage door “for a long time,” according to the report. He’s also thinking about expanding the protest. “I’ll put signs up on the house,” Fredrick says in the report. “I’ve got the boards.”

— Jason Fell