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Boater saved after clinging to seat cushion for six hours

Tragedy nearly struck over the weekend on Kentucky Lake when six people fought for their lives after their boat sank while they were rushing back to a marina amid a storm and building seas. 

Marshall County Rescue Squad Curt Curtner said it was very windy on Saturday and the water was very choppy. Curtner says the group in the boat was heading back to the marine because of the water being so dangerous.

While the group was heading back to shore, they hit a wave, sending everyone to the back of the boat. At that time another wave hit, and another caused the boat to take on water. 

The boat started sinking, sending everyone out into the water. 

Five of the six occupants swam through the rough water conditions and made it to shore safely. The sixth person, a 22 year old male, was missing.

Click here for the full report by KFVS 12 News.