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BoatU.S. Magazine relaunched with a redesign

BoatU.S. Magazine has undergone a major redesign and been relaunched with a new look, layout, content and features with its January 2009 issue.

Published by Boat Owners Association of the United States, the redesign was spearheaded by boating publishing industry veteran Bernadette Bernon, who has been appointed consulting editor.

"Bernadette is an award-winning writer and editor who brings a keen eye and sharp pencil to help us retool our magazine and engage readers. With her knowledge of our readers' upper-income lifestyle and the industry's need for credible media outlets, our goal is to grow the magazine beyond its status as an 'association' publication’,” magazine publisher and association president Nancy Michelman said in a statement.

Bernon was formerly editor in chief of Cruising World magazine as well as editorial director of Cruising World and Sailing World magazines. Her newest post with the association continues her involvement that began more than a dozen years ago when she was appointed to the board of the BoatU.S. Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water.

She was also a member of the BoatU.S. National Advisory Council.

"BoatU.S. Magazine speaks with authority to experienced boaters — power and sail — who rely on the magazine, and trust the information in it,” said Bernon. “That won't change, but we're adding a dynamic new 'Reviews' column, where we'll present new boats, gear and towing vehicles. We're ramping up the professional photography throughout the book, and giving it an exciting, contemporary look.

“And we're commissioning new features that convey the energy and dedication that our readers have for their boats and for the precious time they spend on the water,” she added.