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BoatUS offers members access to new communications technology

DeLorme, which offers personal satellite tracking, messaging and navigation technology, and BoatUS announced an agreement to offer BoatUS members easier access to the new inReach two-way personal satellite tracking, locating, messaging and SOS alerting devices.

This means when members can't use their cell phone or VHF radio to call for a tow, they can rely on the satellite-based inReach to quickly summon on-the-water assistance.

"Our biggest challenge to a swift response for towboat assistance, such as a soft ungrounding, jump-start or gas drop-off is simply locating our members on the water," said BoatUS vice president of towing services Jerry Cardarelli. "With inReach, we have precise location information. When a towing request comes to us from a boater, constantly updated position coordinates enable our towboat captains to save valuable time finding the caller's location. In some cases, a disabled boat may drift from its original position after the initial request is made.

With the inReach service, the BoatUS dispatch centers can ping the vessel at any time to get accurate GPS position."

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