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BoatUS offers updated Florida anchoring tip sheet

Since it was first made available at no cost two years ago, some boaters have called it one of the most helpful documents to have aboard when anchoring in waters across the Sunshine State.

Others note that it's a great educational tool when they are confused about local and state anchoring regulations.

Now, BoatUS offers an updated "2013 Florida Anchoring Information" sheet to clarify for everyone, from the boating public to government agencies, the current status of the 2009 passage of Florida House Bill 1423 and the five pilot mooring field projects. Most importantly, the 2009 law gave relief to many boaters and meant they no longer had to fear their boat "overstayed its welcome" and needed to move on.

"Every boat owner wants to follow the law, but in Florida, some boaters, anglers and sailors may still fear a visit from law enforcement that will force them to move on from an anchorage," said BoatUS president Margaret Podlich.

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Click here to download and print a copy of the anchoring sheet.