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Book Notes November 2006

Three new books for do-it-yourselfers

Among the collection of “How To” books in the Sheridan House collection come three more guides to better understanding essential boating tasks.

How to Install a New Diesel Engine,” by Peter Cumberlidge (2006, $19.95), “How to Trim Sails” by Peter Schweer (2006, $19.95) and “How to Paint Your Boat” by Nigel Clegg (2006, $19.95) all provide practical advice that will instruct both the beginner and experienced sailor, according to the publisher.

Peter Cumberlidge walks you through the many steps of installing a diesel engine, including selecting the right size and type of engine, fitting fuel tanks, filters and exhaust systems, designing new engine bearers and evaluating marine batteries and charge control systems. This guide also offers a handy fault-finding section for when — not if — things go wrong.

Peter Cumberlidge is a yachting journalist, author and photographer. He lives in England and cruises widely under sail and power, and is a regular columnist for Motor Boat and Yachting magazines.

As fuel is to power boats so sails are to dinghies — you won’t get far without one. Knowing the effects of various controls on the shape and performance of the sails can make a huge difference, and Peter Schweer lends years of experience to the task. The rigs included are masthead, fractional with swept spreaders, fractional with runners and dinghy with swept spreaders.

Peter Schweer has international experience in all forms of sailing from bluewater cruising to top-level racing. He lives in Germany and regularly demonstrates sail-trim techniques at European boat shows.

Finally, once your engine and sails are selected don’t forget to protect your boat with the proper paint. Nigel Clegg offers up more than 30 years of paint experience so that you can achieve correct surface preparation and application methods, be able to estimate quantities and drying times, and how to deal with defects. More than a catchy finish, painting your boat is a crucial step in protecting your vessel, so make sure you do it right.

Nigel Clegg has written numerous technical and training manuals, and is now a freelance writer living in the United Kingdom, writing regularly for the yachting press.

Contact: Sheridan House,

Footage from a stunning voyage North

From SeaWorthy Productions comes “Ice Blink,” the saga of a family’s journey to the Arctic, and the life-affirming decisions they make along the way.

Dave and Jaja Martin and their crew of three children first revealed their unique lifestyle in the book “Into the Light” (Beowulf Press, 2002), which detailed their trip on the 33-foot sloop Driver, through the stunning waters off Norway, Greenland and Iceland. Seaworthy president Gregory Roscoe was so taken with the tale he investigated further and found the family had also shot digital footage of the trip, according to Seaworthy. With Roscoe as producer, a documentary was born.

Combining stunning locations, daring explorations with polar bear encounters and the backdrop of a family navigating ice clogged waters, “Ice Blink” is a unique look into how one family approaches life and how everyday challenges become life lessons.

No strangers to fantastic voyages, the Martins had already cruised around the world on the 25-foot Direction before deciding to chronicle their Artic journey. SeaWorthy Productions makes it clear that Ice Blink is not a vacation film, but rather a look into how sailing and adventure can strengthen a family’s bond.

Dave and Jaja Martin are Cruising World Hall of Fame members and continue to sail with their three children; Chris, Holly and Teiga. “Ice Blink” is the premier production of SeaWorthy.

Contact: SeaWorthy Productions, (207) 878-6939.