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Book notes Sept.

Guys were dressed in everything, jeans, bathrobe, and coveralls. One guy, the biggest guys there, had pink fluffy slippers”, recalled Green. “Any other time, you would have chuckled, but in this case I thought, Wow, they were really caught off guard.”

— “So Others May Live”

The inside stories behind the rescues

Televised news broadcasts allow most of us to easily conjure up images of helicopters air lifting stranded victims from stormy oceans, flooded rivers or New Orleans’ flooded streets. These newscasts tend to focus on those being rescued, while the tales of the rescuers is often left untold.

“So Others May Live: Saving Lives, Defying Death with the Coast Guard’s Rescue Swimmers” (Lyons Press, 2006, $22.95), a new book by Martha J. LaGuardia-Kotite, details often untold stories of Coast Guard helicopter rescue swimmers. The book chronicles the history of the program through 12 stories narrated by Coast Guard rescue swimmers, striving to put the reader aboard the helo.

“So Others May Live” provides a look at how rescue operations are preformed, an understanding of why a rescuer risks his or her life for a stranger, and how the swimmers deal with tragic cases.

Contact: The Lyons Press, (203) 458-4500.


Equal opportunity aboard the boat

Suzanne Giesemann encourages women to get the most out of their boating experiences, whether power or sail. She explains how in a new book, “It’s Your Boat Too: A Woman’s Guide to Greater Enjoyment on the Water” (Paradise Cay Publications, 2006, $14.95). The author draws on more than 20 years of knowledge and experience as a commanding officer in the Navy.

Twenty chapters comprise three sections: Women and Boats, The Basics, and Under Way. Giesemann emphasizes safety, competence and confidence throughout. The author addresses common fears and self-limiting attitudes that keep women in the passenger seat rather than at the helm. Many women, the author says, might be surprised to learn that superior strength is not a requirement to sail.

Author, educator and world cruiser Lin Pardey contributes a foreword, in which she writes that the book is “an amazingly readable guide to the knowledge that will let you be a true participant afloat.”

Giesemann, a Coast Guard licensed captain, retired from the Navy in 2003. When not cruising and writing, she presents motivational seminars and teaches sailing.

Contact: Paradise Cay Publications, (800) 736-4509.


Exploring what’s behind the passion for fishing

Bob Rich wants to know what drives people to fish. In his quest to find out, he collects a trove of fishing stories, gathered here in his new book, “The Fishing Club: Brothers and Sisters of the Angle” (The Lyons Press, 2006, $24.95).

Rich hears these tales from an interesting and varied crew including, George H.W. Bush and Baseball Hall of Fame slugger Ted Williams. Other voices include a professional bass fisherman and Olympic skier, but we also hear from everyday people who share a passion for fishing.

The book is filled with humor, but there is an undercurrent of deeper questions that Rich explores, such as what life lessons the anglers glean from their pursuits. Don Tyson, former president of Tyson Foods, reveals something more than just a location when he says that, “My favorite place to fish in the world is the last place I caught a fish.”

Rich, a businessman, is also the author of “Fish Fights: A Hall of Fame Quest.” He fishes near his home in Islamorada, Fla. The proceeds from “The Fishing Club” will be donated to charity.

Contact: The Lyons Press, (888) 249-7586.


After 10 years, popular trailering guide revised

Skyrocketing marina expenses and slip shortages mean that today more boaters than ever choose to tow their boats to the water. Many consider Chapman’s trailering guide the leading book on the subject, according to publisher Hearst Books. Published 10 years ago, much has changed, from new state laws to the availability of new equipment. With all this in mind, Joe Skorupa and Pat Piper have completely revised and expanded. “Chapman Trailering: The Complete Guide to Pulling, Parking, Launching and Retrieving Your Boat” (Hearst Books, 2006, $14.95). The book features color illustrations and end-of-chapter review sections.

Eight chapters cover all of the basics, beginning with detailed explanations of the parts of the trailer and the hitch. The authors address common problems both in and out of the water.

Contact: Sterling Publishing, (212) 532-7160.