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Boomers savor retirement living on boats in Mexico

They’re nomads, sailing freely, crossing international waters, guided by one principle: Just float.

“Good thing is we don’t have a schedule,” said Allyson van Os of Dallas. “We just do the things we like to do, when we want to do them. That’s our schedule.”

Van Os, 62, is one of millions of baby boomers living part of their lives on boats, inspired by a lifestyle that she acknowledges is harder than it seems.

She and her husband, Ed, and two dogs, Dexter and Pequeña, dock their 65-foot boat, the Virginia Reel, in the waters of La Paz in the Baja Peninsula, the same place where Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés first docked his boat in 1535.

They are joined there by more than 100 other boat owners, part of a growing nautical tourism business in Mexico that isn’t without legal hassles, including tax agents, but that is a dream many boat owners say is worth pursuing.

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