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Born free

OCT. 12 — A 7-year-old Ohio girl who won a lobster from a grocery store a month ago had the crustacean set free last weekend off Maine.

The girl won the 8-pound lobster, named Bubba, from a raffle at a bigg’s grocery store in Cincinnati, the Columbus Dispatch newspaper in Ohio reported. She was determined to liberate the lobster so her family called and e-mailed a number of local zoos and aquariums. None was interested.

When the girl’s family contacted the curator of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, he referred them to a diver in Bar Harbor, Maine, the report says. The diver, who owns Diver Ed’s Dive-In Theater, agreed to take the lobster 1,100 miles off Maine and set it free.

The girl’s family paid $280 to ship Bubba from Ohio to the diver in Maine, according to the report. It is illegal, the report says, to catch and keep a lobster of Bubba’s size in Maine.

— Jason Fell