Brabus Marine Premieres Shadow 500 Cabin “Black Ops” Model


Brabus Marine has released photos of its latest baby, the Brabus Shadow 500 Cabin “Black Ops” Limited Edition.

Brabus is a high-performance aftermarket tuning company, especially known for its tune-ups of Mercedes cars. Their marine unit, Brabus Marine, adds line trim packages to Axopars. Its latest tune-up of the Axopar 28 Cabin is the Brabus Shadow 500 Cabin “Black Ops” Limited Edition, which the Brabus website says will make for a great coast-to-coast commuter or be the perfect superyacht tender.

The company says the 28-foot cabin version of the Brabus is capable of more than 50 knots with twin 250-hp Mercury Marine 4.6 liter V8 ProXS lightweight 4-stroke engines. The Shadow 500 Cabin features a gunmetal grey paint scheme and Brabus’ signature red exterior seating. Like the Axopars, the Brabus cabin roof is retractable.

Brabus will only build 28 versions of this limited edition, so you’ll have to hurry if you want one.