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British sailor re-creates ‘Life of Pi’ nautical adventure

Mike Perham, the 21-year-old British adventurer who sailed single-handed around the world at the age of 17, recently re-enact the Oscar-winning film “The Life of Pi,” in a dingy off of the south coast of England.

The movie is about a young shipwreck survivor stuck on a small lifeboat with a live tiger. The character spends most of his 227 days at sea tethered to the life raft on a makeshift second raft.

Perham recently spent nine days alone aboard a lifeboat to raise awareness of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

During the challenge he documented his days at sea by way of a video diary and his blog.

Hamble Yacht Services was tasked with replicating the look of the movie boat for Perham and posted a report on its role.