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Bucking Broncos

Anyone who has endured seasickness can commiserate with the Denver Broncos, who spoke to the press Thursday aboard a 210-foot “luxury party ship” in advance of Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The three-deck charter vessel was tied up at the Hyatt in Jersey City, N.J., serving as the team’s interview platform.

More than a dozen players complained of queasiness, dizziness and headaches, and they questioned why the National Football League picked a boat for their interviews while the rival Seattle Seahawks met with the media on the terra firma of a hotel ballroom.

“I can’t look out the window because that’s when I see the boat moving up and down,” safety David Bruton told reporter Kevin Manahan of “Makes it worse. So I just look at my phone.”

Super Bowl XLVIII kicks off at 6:25 p.m. ET on Sunday. Perhaps the Broncos will have regained their equilibrium by then.