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Bully on board: the seal that wouldn't leave

A newlywed couple was stranded on a remote island three miles from the mainland when a giant bull seal climbed into the inflatable dinghy they used to reach the mainland and refused to budge for four days.

Eddie Stebbings, 35, and his bride Bee Bueche, 36, spent their first three months of married life together with a colony of Atlantic grey seals on Skomer Island in southwestern Wales, according to The (U.K.) Telegraph.

But their wildlife adventure took an unexpected turn when a giant seal took up residence in the dinghy they used to reach the mainland.

The two were married in August and returned to the island, where they are wildlife wardens, just in time for the seal pupping season.

“One morning in October the seal flopped itself into the boat,” Stebbings told the paper. “It refused to budge for four days and was at one point joined by another seal. He was about four times my weight, eight foot long and clearly not worried about people coming close to him.”

The couple watch over the 400 adult seals and 180 baby seals on the island.

“They are joy to watch but we try not to interfere with them too much – we have to let nature take its course,” Stebbings said.