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Busiest holiday weekend yet, but still safe

JULY 8 - Sea Tow Services International, Inc. reported this week the Fourth of July weekend this year was its busiest yet, with a 9-percent increase in phone calls and a 33-percent increase in services over last year’s record-breaking volume.

Sea Tow received more than 4,360 phone calls and provided services to about 1,460 members and nonmembers. Those services included 400 off-peak calls (between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.), 154 salvages, nine maydays and 24 crew overboard incidents.

The increases came despite the fact that the on-water assistance service included only four days in its measurement this year. Last year it included Thursday as part of the holiday weekend.

In addition, the company’s network of over 100 franchises burned more than 24,098 gallons of fuel during the four-day weekend, a 50-percent increase over last year.

The company also reported a strong year-over-year increase for the holiday weekend of 12-percent in new and renewing memberships.

JoAnn W. Goddard