But is she seaworthy?


JUNE 12 A 149-foot, 1-inch canoe, said to be the largest in the world, was launched Saturday in Maine’s SebasticookLake.

Constructed from 18 eight-foot-long sections that are bolted together, the canoe is 32 feet longer than the existing record holder in the Guinness Book of World Records, the Associated Press reports. Thirty-six paddlers manned the boat on its maiden voyage, which only lasted about four minutes. The boat made it about 100 feet from the dock when one of the middle sections reportedly broke.

Students at the Nokomis Regional High School, in Newport, Maine, began constructing the canoe about a year ago to help raise money to purchase a custom pontoon boat that can accommodate disabled passengers who want to go fishing, the report says. Each section of the boat was sponsored by an area business or organization.

A teacher at the high school, who acted as project leader, is gathering information to send to the Guinness record keepers, the news report says.

— Jason Fell