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Capsized and adrift

MAY 24 — Two fishermen survived for two days after their boat capsized in the Gulf of Mexico and they drifted more than 20 miles.

The men had set off last Wednesday morning from Freeport, Texas, for a day of fishing, an Associated Press news report says. About 35 miles from shore, the men realized their 23-foot boat was taking on water. The boat capsized before they could radio for help.

In the water, the men, ages 29 and 27, managed to grab two PFDs and three bottles of water, the report says. They held onto the upturned and drifting boat for several hours until they approached an offshore oil platform and decided to try and swim to it.

“We thought we could make it, but a strong rip current got hold of us and carried us away,” one of the men says in the report.

As they drifted towards a second oil platform, one of the men attempted to swim to it, the report says. Tired, the man managed to climb onto the platform and notified the crew, about 40 hours after the boat capsized. The other fisherman was later rescued about two miles away.

Earlier this month, four Florida fishermen spent nearly 30 hoursin the water after their 18-foot boat capsized in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jason Fell