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Cardboard boat race: good fun on the water

Why would two grown men dressed as fairies float down the Peconic River in a cardboard boat emblazoned with the logo of a women’s lingerie company, one might wonder.

“We had leftover pink paint in the garage and my wife and daughters came up with the idea,” Ben Cotilletta said. Their creation was painted with alternating light and dark pink stripes like the company’s signature and the men wore pink fairy wings for the event.

“Victoria’s Real Secret” was just one of 76 boats entered in the second annual Riverhead Cardboard Boat Race.

The free event, which started with a hula hoop contest and awarded prizes to some of the more creative entries, drew an estimated 3,500 people to the banks of the Peconic River Sunday — and a lot of smiles.

Click here to watch a video of the rag-tag armada under way.