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Case delayed against boat dealer

A trial date awaits the owner of a boat business in Estero, Fla., charged last year with conspiracy in the sale of boats on consignment.

Mark Christopher Acker, 48, owner of Estero Bay Boat Center, was charged in April 2003 with conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, according to a report in the Bonita Daily News.

Acker’s case was continued to July 6, when, the newspaper says, a trial date may be set.

Investigators say they uncovered 19 cases in which Acker did not legally complete sales at the Estero Bay Boat Center, according to the newspaper. In one instance, according to the report, a man lost up to $138,000 on one deal.

Acker in April 2003 pleaded not guilty to charges he was defrauding both owners and buyers while selling boats on consignment, according to the newspaper account.