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Cat Insurance covers worldwide repairs

Caterpillar’s extended service plan is good on new and used engines that qualify

Caterpillar’s extended service plan is good on new and used engines that qualify

Diesel engine manufacturer Caterpillar now offers extended service plans to cover engine repairs anywhere in the world.

In October, Cat Insurance introduced enhanced extended service coverage for both new and used recreational marine engines. Customers can choose from a range of coverage periods, deductibles and geographical service areas.

“Nobody wants to have a hassle while they’re out on their boat having a good time,” says Lori Timm, Cat Insurance communications manager. The new service plans are designed to get customers back on the water in a hurry, she says.

The Platinum Level plan covers parts and labor for all original factory equipment on a new engine, excluding consumables such as filters, fluids, V belts, hoses, paint, batteries and clutches, according to the company. Coverage is available for up to 60 months or 6,000 hours from the date the engine is sold from dealer inventory, and is transferable upon the resale of the vessel, according to Caterpillar. This plan also may be purchased for auxiliary gensets.

Customers choose from three geographical coverage options: domestic, in-country and worldwide. The domestic plan covers the United States and Canada, in-country covers repairs within a specified country, and the worldwide plan offers service around the globe. Timm says different prices are associated with these coverage area options. Current engine owners in the standard factory warranty period can upgrade to Platinum-Level ESC until June 1, 2005, with no late charge, according to the company.

The Advantage Plus program, available for used Caterpillar engines, has been expanded to include worldwide coverage. Timm says the Advantage Plus program has been a success in the United States and Canada for the last two years.

“[Now] you have this extra coverage that, wherever you are in the world, you have authorized repairs by trained technicians using Cat parts,” she says. The Advantage Plus plan is available with the same geographical coverage options as Platinum Level coverage.

Advantage Plus carries a $200 deductible, and owners can choose 12- or 24-month coverage in increments of 250, 500 or 1,000 hours, according to Caterpillar. To be eligible, a used Cat engine must be fewer than eight years from its delivery date, meet the guidelines of a dealer inspection/sea trial, and not exceed a maximum number of engine hours. This last requirement varies depending on the model.

Cat Insurance extended service plans are purchased through Caterpillar dealers, Timm says. “We always recommend that people talk with their Cat dealer, and [note] that there are some basic eligibility requirements that the engine has to meet,” she says. “If they have questions, their Cat dealer is prepared to help them out.”

Extended service coverage includes engines with Caterpillar’s new electronically controlled ACERT Technology, says Timm.

“We’re not the only manufacturer that offers extended coverage, but we feel that we offer outstanding extended coverage,” she says. “We feel that it is a very competitive program.”

Caterpillar says it stands behind its products — new or used — and Timm says the enhanced coverage is for customers who want no hassles. “You just want to know that if I turn the key it’s going to work, and if it doesn’t somebody will be there to help,” she says. “We want their pleasure craft to be a pleasure.” n