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Catering to megayachts

APRIL 17 — An international company that provides custom medical, travel, concierge and insurance assistance to cruise liners is extending its service to private and chartered yachts 150 feet and longer.

For more than a decade On Call International has been helping travelers with companies such as Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Carnival Corp. who experience travel or medical emergencies, the company says on its Web site. Now, On Call is offering services, such as evacuations and reparations, to travelers aboard large yachts.

On Call president and CEO Michael Kelly says yacht owners are particularly susceptible to medical and travel emergencies while under way. “These individuals are sailing to exotic locations where security and medical conditions don’t measure up to U.S. standards,” Kelly says in a release. “And unlike cruise ships, which have on-board facilities with Western-trained doctors and nurses, super yachts rarely are equipped for medical emergencies.”

The New Hampshire based company offers three plans for large yacht owners which feature year-round medical assistance 24 hours per day, and an evacuation benefit up to $100,000 covering the yacht’s owner, family, guests and crew, depending on the package, the statement says.

“Because of our relationships with the cruise industry, we are confident in our experience and knowledge in handling maritime emergencies and it only seems natural that we would introduce ourselves into the super yacht arena,” Kelly says in the statement. “You can never be too cautious.”

Jason Fell