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CG Responses - Mid-Atlantic

Recent responses from the Mid-Atlantic region

Recent responses from the Mid-Atlantic region

Aground and injured

AirStationElizabethCity, N.C.,

A Coast Guard HH-60 Jayhawk Rescue helicopter crew based in Elizabeth City, N.C., responded to a report of an aground vessel with an injured boater in the Albemarle Sound. The crew arrived on scene and hoisted a 54-year-old man suffering from a concussion sustained when his pleasure boat went aground. The air crew transported the injured boater to AlbemarleHospital in Elizabeth City, N.C., where he was to be evaluated. The man was listed in stable condition. (May 24)

Sailboat taking on water

Station Cape May, N.J.

The Coast Guard launched rescue crews to assist the crew of a 46-foot sailboat that was taking on water about two miles south of Cape May, N.J. Crews aboard a motor lifeboat and a rescue helicopter were directed to launch after the master of the sailboat reported they were taking on water in the Prissy Wick Shoals area of the New Jersey coast. StationCape May personnel received the radio call. The crew of the sailboat was reportedly on a trip from Annapolis, Md., to Marblehead, Mass. A Station Cape May rescue boat crew immediately launched a 47-foot motor lifeboat and arrived on scene. A rescue air crew from Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City launched an HH-65C Dolphin rescue helicopter to assist. The MLB crew assessed the state of the sailboat and felt that it could make the journey into port under their own power. The boat crew escorted the sailboat safely to a marina, where it moored. The Coast Guard boat crew credits the rescue’s positive results to the mariners’ preparation as well as their communication and navigation equipment. With the use of a marine radio, the master of the sailboat was able to contact the Coast Guard and request assistance. Additionally, the sailboat’s onboard GPS allowed the master to accurately communicate his position and heading to the Coast Guard crew, resulting in their quickly being found. (May 18)

Caught by high tide

Air Station Atlantic City, N.J.

The Coast Guard and local agencies responded to a request for assistance from fishermen caught in the high tide near Fortescue, N.J. The Coast Guard was notified that the fishing boat, a 42-foot cabin cruiser, was aground near Fortescue and that the seven men, including a 76-year-old with diabetes, had spent all night aboard the boat. Rescue boat crews from Coast Guard Station Fortescue and Fortescue Fire and Rescue were able to reach, but unable to remove, the seven men aboard the boat due to the marshy conditions of the area at the southern tip of Egg Island Point in the Delaware Bay. A rescue helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City was on scene and transferred the men to a field in Cedarville, N.J., where they were met by Lawrence Township EMS. (May 20)

On board with chest pains

Station Atlantic City, N.J.

The Coast Guard medevaced a man off the coast of New Jersey after he reported he was suffering from chest pains. The 66-year-old man called the Coast Guard from a cell phone and reported that he was suffering from chest pains. He requested to be taken off his 38-foot pleasure boat four miles southeast of Atlantic City. A Coast Guard 47-foot boat crew from Station Atlantic City and a rescue helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City were launched. The response boat crew arrived and was able to get the man aboard. A rescue swimmer was then lowered to the deck of the response boat and was able to get the man safely aboard the helicopter where he was flown back to Station Atlantic City and met by awaiting EMS. The man was taken to MainlandHospital in Pomona, N.J. (April 21)

Taking on water

Station Georgetown, S.C.

The Coast Guard assisted a 26-foot boat with three people aboard taking on water at the BP-25 artificial reef. The boater and his two passengers radioed the Coast Guard over VHF channel 16 that they were taking on water and needed assistance. A helicopter from Air Facility Charleston diverted and a small boat from Coast Guard Station Georgetown, S.C., launched to assist as well. The three men managed to control the amount of water entering the boat and started to make their way back to land. The Coast Guard helicopter followed the boat until Station Georgetown’s small boat arrived to escort the boat to shore. The distressed boat made it back to Merrills Inlet, S.C., under its own power and was taken out of the water. The three men were wearing their life jackets. (May 20)

Sailor severs finger

Station St. Joseph, Mich.

A crewman aboard a sailboat about eight miles west of St. Joseph severed one of his fingers. A Coast Guard Station St. Joseph crew launched a 47-foot utility boat to aid the injured sailor. The Coast Guard crew was able to locate the 38-foot sailboat and transfer the injured crewman to their rescue boat. The injured man was then transferred to local Emergency Medical Services at Coast Guard Station St. Joseph. He was treated for some of the symptoms related to the dismemberment and transferred to a local area hospital. (May 6)