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Chasing a legend

APRIL 20 - A cruise company in Scotland says it is planning to fit its flagship with sonar equipment in case the ship happens to pass over the Loch Ness Monster.

The company, Jacobite-Experience Loch Ness, plans to fit the Jacobite Queen — a 75-foot, 159-passenger ferry — with sonar equipment in order to hopefully capture images of the mysterious monster, called Nessie, that is said to inhabit the lake, a BBC news report says. The company has even developed a mock video illustrating what the creature could look like.

“We’ve taken a genuine sonar scan and, with the help of technical experts, added what every visitor to the Loch hopes to see — Nessie,” Jacobite owner Freda Rapson says in the report.

Reported sightings of an unexplained creature in Scotland’s Loch Ness date back to the 6th century, according to the report. Theories of what the creature might be range from it an ancient plesiosaur (a long-necked extinct marine reptile) to an elephant.

Skeptics claim the “monster” is hoax or an optical illusion caused by waves or wind effects on the dark waters of the 23-mile-long, mile-wide lake with an average depth of 600 feet.

“It’s been a while since the last sighting of the Loch Ness Monster,” Rapson says in the report. “That could be about to change, though, now the Jacobite’s Queen’s got sonar aboard.”

Jason Fell