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Coast Guard busy with rescues

Coast Guard crews in Miami and Baltimore came to the aid of recreational boaters in need over the weekend.

Coast Guard Station Miami Beach, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and TowBoatUS rescued 10 people in the water from their capsized vessel Saturday 250 yards from the Sea Isle Marina in Miami.

Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Miami received a report of 10 people in the water clinging to a capsized 14-foot pleasure craft.

A Coast Guard Station Miami Beach 45-foot response boat-medium crew launched to search the nearby area along with, FWC and TowBoatUS crews.

The Coast Guard crew located the capsized vessel at 8:10 p.m. The crew recovered four adults and three children and TowBoatUS recovered one adult and two children from the water. All 10 persons in the water were safely transported to awaiting EMS crews on shore.

Only minor medical concerns were reported. Commercial salvage surfaced the vessel and towed it safely to the marina.

The Coast Guard also rescued an 18-year-old man Saturday morning from a capsized sailing vessel in the Severn River around Annapolis, Md.

A Maryland pilot aboard a bulk freighter contacted Coast Guard Sector Baltimore watchstanders at 8:30 a.m., after spotting a waving man on the overturned vessel one mile north of the Annapolis anchorage.

Sector Baltimore dispatched a 25-foot response boat-small from Coast Guard Station Annapolis and were aided in the search for the man by two helicopters, Maryland Natural Resources Police and Anne Arundel County Fireboat 19. The Coast Guard Station Annapolis crew arrived to find the man sitting atop his vessel.

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