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Coast Guard collision trial continues

The Coast Guard's small-boat operation in San Diego has significant leadership problems and crews so lax about basic boating rules that his palms started to sweat when he witnessed them, a veteran Coast Guard officer testified Thursday.

At a criminal hearing into the December crash that killed 8-year-old Anthony DeWeese on San Diego Bay, Cmdr. Brian Roche said it was unusual that three acting or former unit heads have been removed for misbehavior since 2007. He also suggested that the fast-moving, 33-foot Coast Guard patrol boat model involved in the collision is unsafe to be used in the bay.

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Meanwhile, the driver of the Coast Guard boat that slammed into a smaller recreational boat during a holiday parade testified in military court Friday that he is haunted by the memory of DeWeese.

"Every day before I go to sleep, I think about Anthony DeWeese," said Petty Officer Paul Ramos.

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