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Coast Guard Cracking Down on Illegal Charter Operations


Robert Glick of Chicago, Illinois, was allegedly operating two recreational boats as part of an illegal charter business when the U.S. Coast Guard caught wind of it. They repeatedly warned Glick and gave him time to rectify the situation, but when he didn’t listen, the federal agency finally fined him.

After two years of catching Glick’s boats on the water without the proper documentation and eventually telling him to cease operations, the USCG hit Glick with the largest civil penalty ever handed down to a recreational boat owner for operating as an illegal commercial passenger vessel business. In all, Glick was hit with $88,000 in fines, although it could have been as much as $241,000.

The civil penalties included $44,000 for operating without certificates of inspection, $22,000 for operating without having crew members chemical tested, and $14,000 for failure to have stability letters issued before the boats were placed in service.

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