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Coast Guard crews compete in Mid-Atlantic waters

Coast Guard crews from six units across Maryland and Washington, D.C., competed Wednesday in the Boat Crew Rodeo held at Coast Guard Station Washington, D.C.

The teams competed in various challenges, testing their professional knowledge, skill and their ability to operate under pressure.

"The Boat Crew Rodeo is an opportunity where teams can come together for competition and camaraderie," said Chief Petty Officer Jeffrey Charlot, the Boat Crew Rodeo coordinator. "It's a time for crews to share ideas, techniques and experiences."

The crews took turns facing the challenges, each one testing a different element of their training. Teammates swam to rescue a 200-pound dummy floating in the water, patched holes in a simulated vessel taking on water, and were timed in tying knots, throwing lines and applying first aid to victims during a medical drill.

"The purpose of the event is to promote camaraderie, team building and boatcrew professionalism," said Lt. Cmdr. Michael DaPonte, one of the facilitators for the event.  "Each exercise reinforces some practical aspect of boatcrew member duties."

"The way we work together at the rodeo today is how we will work together on the next search and rescue case," said Charlot.

Aids to Navigation Team Baltimore was awarded the Captain's Cup after winning a tiebreaker between the Coast Guard Station Curtis Bay team and themselves.