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Coast Guard has a busy weekend

Coast Guard crews responded to multiple calls of recreational boaters in distress last weekend, including a couple stranded on a crippled sailboat in the Gulf of Mexico and three people and a dog on a capsized powerboat vessel in the Florida Keys.

First, the Coast Guard rescued two people Friday from a damaged sailing vessel approximately 50 miles southwest of Terrebone Bay in the Gulf of Mexico.

A man and a woman aboard the 36-foot sailing vessel Escape Pod were in distress due to damaged sail and rigging and requested assistance.

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On Sunday, Coast Guard Station Islamorada rescued three people from a capsized 21-foot boat in the vicinity of Barn Sound, Fla.

The crewmembers aboard the Ocean Sentry arrived on scene and located the vessel capsized with three people and a dog on top of the hull. The capsized survivors were not seen wearing life jackets.

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