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Coast Guard issues safety alert on EPIRB, PLB registration

A Marine Safety Alert issued Monday by the Coast Guard addresses the importance of ensuring your EPIRB and PLB are properly registered with NOAA.

One of the circumstances surrounding a recent major marine casualty involving an uninspected commercial fishing vessel was the improper registration of the vessel's EPIRB. The Unique Identification Number (UIN) entered into NOAA's registration database was different from the actual UIN programmed into the EPIRB by the manufacturer and transmitted to the Search and Rescue Satellite System after the vessel sank. The improper registration of this vessel's EPIRB delayed the notification to search-and-rescue personnel, and subsequently delayed the launching of rescue assets.

You can also cross-check that the above UINs match the NOAA registration database by visiting the National Beacon Registration Web site and choosing one of the links for your existing beacon registration.

If any of the numbers or letters in the UINs are different, your beacon may not be registered properly and you should contact NOAA immediately at (301) 817-4515 or 1-888-212-SAVE (7283).

Click here to read the full safety alert.