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Coast Guard Museum achieves fundraising milestone

The National Coast Guard Museum Association announced that it reached its first $1 million in fundraising to support the planning, construction, and programming of the nation’s first and only National Coast Guard Museum to be built in downtown New London, Conn.

With the recent donation of $1,980 by Howard Slotnick, treasurer and chairman emeritus of the National Maritime Historical Society, along with other notable contributions including $150,000 by New Orleans resident Jimmy Coleman, the Association is well on its way to supporting the design, engineering, programming, and development of exhibits for the Museum.

The National Coast Guard Museum Association is currently engaged in a nationwide fundraising campaign. The public is invited to participate by donating to the “Barque Eagle Society.” Through minimum donations of $1,000, donors will become members of the museum’s exclusive “Barque Eagle Society,” and will receive a unique limited edition painting of the Coast Guard Barque Eagle created by famed Coast Guard artist Tony Falcone of Prospect, Conn.

The new National Coast Guard Museum being built in New London, Connecticut will honor the heroism of the men and women who answered the call to always be ready, as in the Coast Guard motto: Semper Paratus. Permanent and revolving multi-media exhibits will tell compelling stories of its past, present and the future as they evoke the Coast Guard’s critical role and mission in maritime security, safety, protection of natural resources, and national defense.

For information or to make a donation, contact the National Coast Guard Museum Association at (860) 443-4200 or visit