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Coast Guard releases memorable rescues from 2011

From the harsh January storms to Hurricane Irene to the onset of ice season, 2011 presented its own unique challenges in the First Coast Guard District.

Based in Boston, the First District oversees all Coast Guard missions across eight states in the northeastern United States. The area of responsibility includes more than 8,000 miles of tidal shoreline from the U.S.-Canadian border to northern New Jersey.

Charged with performing the myriad Coast Guard missions are 12,000 active duty, reserve, civilian and auxiliary personnel, 30 cutters, 200 boats and eight aircraft.

As the maritime community looks forward to a new year in 2012, 11 Coast Guard search and rescue missions offer stark reminders of the need for the maritime community as a whole to stay vigilant and work closely with the Coast Guard as crews across the Northeast keep the region safe.

Click here for the full release with links to various videos of the rescues.