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Coast Guard responds to oil spill off Louisiana

The Coast Guard and Shell Oil Company continue to respond to an oil spill about 90 miles south of Timbalier Island, La., that occurred last Thursday morning.

There have been no reported effects on wildlife, the Coast Guard said.

In-water recovery vessels are searching for oil that can be safely recovered via skimming. Five such vessels have been mobilized, and they have recovered more than 51,000 gallons of an oily-water mixture.

An estimated 88,200 gallons of crude oil were discharged, according to the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard and Shell mobilized more than 130 people for unified response efforts.

Shell-contracted air resources were mobilized to provide an aerial assessment. The reported trajectory is in a westerly direction, and there is no expected shoreline impact at this time.

The Coast Guard and Shell jointly agreed that using on-water recovery vessels and skimming is the safest and most effective oil-recovery option at this time.

The Interior Department’s Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement remains involved and is leading an investigation to determine the cause of the release.