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Coast Guard Response Mid-Atlantic

Recent responses from Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic

Recent responses from Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic

Anglers adrift in a storm

Station Chincoteague, Va.

Four fishermen were rescued by the Coast Guard after their 23-foot boat became disabled and started drifting in a storm near Chincoteague, Va. The four men were fishing for tuna when their boat became disabled and started drifting in 6- to 8-foot seas late at night. A Coast Guard rescue crew onboard a 47-foot motor lifeboat from Station Chincoteague were dispatched to assist the fishermen and tow them to safety. The crewmembers took the boat in tow and safely transported the fishermen and their boat to a harbor in

Chincoteague. (June 28)

Sailor rescued offshore

RescueCoordinationCenterPortsmouth, Va.

Coast Guard watchstanders at the Rescue Coordination Center Portsmouth coordinated the rescue of a sailor 345 miles east of Cape Henry, Va. The captain of the 20-foot sailboat was rescued by the crew of a cruise ship after the Coast Guard received an Electronic Locater Transmitter signal. The 947-foot cruise ship is designated as an Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue vessel. The Coast Guard said several AMVER vessels in the area also answered their call for assistance. The rescued man was to stay on board the cruise ship until its next port of call in New York City. (June 25)

Sportfisher taking on water

Air Station Atlantic City, N.J.

The Coast Guard assisted six passengers aboard a 40-foot sportfishing boat that was taking on water 30 miles east of Atlantic City. The Coast Guard received a call from a crewmember aboard the fishing boat reporting that it was taking on water at a high rate through the boat’s shaft packing. Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City dispatched a helicopter rescue crew to the scene and lowered a rescue swimmer and a water pump aboard the 40-foot boat. The rescue swimmer pumped the three feet of water off the boat and was hoisted back into the helicopter leaving behind the water pump and a hand-held radio for the six people aboard. The crew of a second fishing boat remained on scene with the sportfishing boat while the crew of Coast Guard Cutter Beluga diverted to their location. The cutter crew escorted the fishing boat to Longport, N.J. (July 18)

64-foot sailboat aground

Harbortown, S.C.

The Coast Guard was investigating the grounding of a 64-foot commercial tour sailboat at the entrance to the Harbortown Marina. The sailboat grounded about 200 yards from the entrance to the marina. The boat had 22 passengers and three crewmembers on board, all of whom were safely removed and taken to the marina by good Samaritans. Neither the passengers nor the crew suffered any injuries. The sailboat was refloated with the incoming tide and returned to the marina. Alcohol tests were conducted on the captain and crew. There was no evidence of alcohol use. (July 11)

Father, son stranded

Station Cape Charles, Va.

The Coast Guard rescued a father and his son after the their jet skis got stuck in the mud about three miles northwest of Cape Charles Lighthouse, Va. The Coast Guard received a call from the father who stated their problem. He was able to relay their exact position to the Coast Guard using a global positioning system. A rescue boat crew from Station Cape Charles, Va., arrived on scene but could not get close enough to the father and son due to shallow water. An HH-65C Dolphin helicopter rescue crew from Air Station Atlantic City arrived on scene, hoisted the two aboard the aircraft and transferred them to StationCapeCharles. (July 6)

Injured aboard sailboat

Station Ocracoke, N.C.

A Coast Guard 47-foot motor lifeboat crew from Station Ocracoke, N.C., responded to a report of an injured boater. The Coast Guard was notified that a 57-year-old woman had suffered an injury sustained from a fall while aboard a sailboat about 14 miles off the coast of West Pamlico Sound. Station Ocracoke crewmembers arrived on scene and transported the injured boater ashore where medical personnel were standing by. (July 2)

Swim for shore

Perquimans River, Va.

The Coast Guard suspended the search for the operator of a 20-foot pleasure boat reported overdue near PerquimansRiver. Coast Guard crews searched 173 square miles for the missing man. His boat was located unoccupied in a marshy area near the mouth of the PerquimansRiver. The boat’s other occupant, his wife, swam ashore between Reed and Stevenson Point after falling overboard. She spent 12 hours in the water. It is unknown if her husband fell overboard at the same time as his wife. She stated that she swam from one crab pot buoy to another in order to stay afloat. The Coast Guard weighs a number of factors in the decision to suspend the active search including working with local partners in PerquimansCounty and the State of North Carolina. The North Carolina Wildlife Division was conducting a marine accident investigation. (July 6)