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Coast Guard response report

Two boats collide Station Kings Point, N.Y.

A Coast Guard rescue crew from Station Kings Point responded to a two-boat collision resulting in two boaters being injured near the Throgs Neck Bridge. A 14-foot pleasure boat with one man and one woman on board collided with a 24-foot pleasure boat with one person on board. The man on the 14-foot boat reported head and back injuries and the woman sustained injuries to her wrist and arm. Both were transported to Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx by the New York City Police Department Harbor Unit. The Coast Guard rescue crew responded to the incident along with the New York City Fire Department and New York City Police Department Harbor Unit. The cause of the incident was under investigation. (Aug. 22)

Navy Seal rescued Oswego, New York

United States Coast Guard Auxiliarists, America’s Volunteer Lifesavers, assisted the United States Navy at a recent harbor festival, held in Oswego harbor. During the aviation portion of the official festivities of Harborfest 2005, Navy “Leap Frogs” left their aircraft and began to parachute down to the designated coordinates. Auxiliarists Rob and Deb Somers and John and Margaret Martin were on a safety patrol at the outer edge of the safety zone. Two of the Navy Seals missed their mark, and landed just short of the Maritime Museum pier. The Seals were not intending to make a water-borne landing. Coxswain Rob Somers and crew immediately responded and were able to assist one of the Seals into their vessel. A New York State Park Police boat was able to retrieve the other Seal. The danger to the Seals was their parachutes. Should they have completely submerged, it would have pulled them down into the water, possibly drowning them. Both rescue boats were able to retrieve the chutes and their lines without endangering the Seals. There were no reported injuries. (Aug. 19)

Boat hits breakwater

Station Buffalo and Station Rochester, N.Y.

Coast Guard Station Buffalo rescued two people in the water, and Station Rochester responded to two people and a dog in the water in separate cases. Station Buffalo responded with a 23-foot rescue boat and pulled two people out of the water, and a good Samaritan pulled five people out of the water after their small boat hit a breakwall near Buffalo Harbor. One person slightly injured his foot. The Coast Guard transferred the five people from the good Samaritan’s boat to the 23-foot rescue boat. All seven people were transported safely to shore where Emergency Medical Services were waiting to tend to the injured person. In the second case, Station Rochester responded with a 47-foot rescue boat, a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary boat and a Canadian C-130 rescue aircraft from Rescue Coordination Center Trenton to help a boat with two people and a dog taking on water three miles off Braddocks Bay. The boat was taking on water faster than the people on board could get it out. The boat then sank, leaving the two people in the water with their dog. The Auxiliary boat arrived on scene and pulled the two people and dog to safety. No emergency medical services were needed. (Aug. 21)

Missing boater’s body found

Station Woods Hole, Mass.

Two local boaters found the body of a missing boater in Nantucket Sound. The boaters found an adult man’s body approximately 1.5 nautical miles from Point Gammon, near Hyannis. A crew from Coast Guard Station Woods Hole recovered and delivered the body to State Police officials. The body was identified as the boater who was missing for nearly two days. He reportedly left Edgartown, Mass., and his 29-foot cabin cruiser was found hard aground on a beach in Mashpee with nobody on board. All navigational gear on board was running and the engine was found in gear. The Coast Guard utilized numerous assets including jets, helicopters, and surface vessels throughout the 38-hour search. Also assisting in the search were state and local police, good Samaritan boaters and aviators, Coast Guard Auxiliary, and numerous harbor masters. The missing man’s angler’s club also assisted greatly in the search. All together, 26 searches covering an area in excess of 890 sq. nautical miles were conducted by surface and air assets within Nantucket Sound before the Coast Guard suspended its search. (Sept. 13)

Fishing vessel sinks

Station Chatham, Mass.

Coast Guard Station Chatham received a mayday call from a 34-foot lobster boat, which sank 15 miles east of Nantucket, Mass., with two persons aboard. A good Samaritan vessel pulled the two crewmen aboard their boat. The rescuers brought the crewmen into Stage Harbor where Station Chatham crewmembers transferred the two crewmen aboard their 22-foot rescue boat to Chatham. The captain of the lobster boat was mildly hypothermic, but did not go to a hospital. His crewman, a 48-year-old man, was brought to Hyannis Hospital for a possible broken wrist. According to the captain, the boat was overcome by a swell, flooded and sank in 40-60 feet of water. The crewmen made a mayday call with a VHF radio, deployed a liferaft, set off the emergency position indicating radio beacon and waited to be rescued. The water temperature was approximately 65 degrees. Marine Safety Office Providence planned to investigate the cause of the incident. (Sept. 9)