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Coast Guard Response Report

Recent responses from Massachusetts and around the nation

Recent responses from Massachusetts and around the nation

Capsize in the surf

Station Point Allerton, Mass.

A Coast Guard boat and helicopter crew responded to a report of a boat capsized in the surf off New Inlet in Scituate, Mass. A person on the beach saw the boat capsize and called the Coast Guard. Station Point Allerton sent a rescue boat and Air Station Cape Cod sent a helicopter to assist. The Scituate Fire department and harbormaster also responded. Shallow water around the boat prevented rescuers from reaching the people from the water. The two people eventually made it safely ashore and the Scituate Fire Department reported they were not injured. (Oct. 2)

Good Samaritans help

Air Station Atlantic City, N.J.

A fishing boat that was thought to have been lost at sea was located with the help of good Samaritan boats and the Coast Guard. The 38-foot sportfishing boat that left Bergan Point, N.Y., was thought to be missing after its emergency position indicating radio beacon was activated. Coast Guard Cutter Dependable, a 47-foot patrol boat from Fire Island, and a rescue helicopter from Air Station Atlantic City were diverted to the scene. Group Atlantic City and Group Moriches put out an urgent marine information broadcast for boaters to be on the lookout for the boat. The helicopter was the first to arrive on scene where the pilots noticed a strobe light in the water. The aircrew began to scan the water for any clues as to what may have happened. An hour after the search began, a radio call from another fishing boat and a sailboat radioed the Coast Guard stating they had located the sportfisher. The boat had been disabled due to engine problems. The 47-foot patrol boat took the boat into a stern tow and brought it to Robert Moses Boat Basin in New York. (Oct. 14)

Cat takes on water

Air Station Sitka, Alaska

Two men were rescued by the Coast Guard after their boat began taking on water near Taylor Bay. An HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Air Station Sitka rescued the boaters from a beach between Sugar Loaf Island and Hankinson Peninsula north of Cross Sound after they beached their boat. The Coast Guard received a distress call from the 60-foot catamaran. Both men had recently purchased the boat. They were attempting to sail it to King Cove when there was a hull breach and the catamaran began taking on water. The two men beached their vessel and rowed to shore at low tide. Once on the beach they activated their Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. The two men were sighted on the beach after they lit a hand-held flare to signal the Jayhawk crew. They were taken back to Sitka by helicopter. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office Juneau was investigating this incident. (Oct. 9)