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Coast guard response report

Rescued from life raft

Air Station Cape Cod, Mass.

A Coast Guard helicopter from Air Station Cape Cod, Mass., recovered four fishermen from a life raft after their 43-foot fishing boat began taking on water 102 miles east of Gloucester, Mass. The men were wearing cold-water immersion suits, and were reported to be in good condition when rescued by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard received a third-party mayday-relay from another fishing boat that the four men were getting into the raft. Correspondingly, the Coast Guard First District Command Center in Boston received an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon transmission from the foundering boat, and was able to pinpoint its exact location. The men were transported to Knox County Airport where EMS was waiting. At the time the men were rescued from the life raft, their fishing boat was partially submerged. The cause of the accident was under investigation. (Oct. 21)


29-footer strikes rowing scull

Station New York, N.Y.

Coast Guard rescue crews from Stations New York and King’s Point, New York Police Department Harbor Units, and New York Fire Department were searching for a missing boater in the Harlem River. Coast Guard Sector New York received a call from the New York Fire Department reporting that a rowboat from the Don Bosco Oarsmen Club, with four people aboard, was struck by a 29-foot Hinckley causing at least one person to be thrown into the water. New York Police Department Harbor Units rescued three injured rowers from the accident. Coast Guard rescue crews, NYPD Harbor Units and FDNY continued to search for the fourth missing rower. The Harlem River was closed to vessel traffic from the University Street Bridge to the McCombs Bridge. (Oct. 24)


Swamped and sunk

Station Cape May, N.J.

The Coast Guard rescued three men in the Delaware Bay after their boat sank during a fishing trip near Egg Island Point Light, N.J. The three were rescued by the Coast Guard six hours after their 16-foot fishing boat was swamped by a wave and sank beneath them. A mariner notified the Coast Guard after noticing two coolers packed with ice, bait and fish floating in the water near Egg Island Point Light. The Coast Guard launched a 41-foot utility boat from Station Cape May and a rescue helicopter from Air Station Atlantic City. The 41-footer located one man floating in the water. That man stated that two more men were still missing. Minutes later, the rescue helicopter located the two missing men on land just south of Fort Escue, N.J. The rescue helicopter hoisted the two men to safety and then returned to the 41-footer’s location to hoist the third man. All three men were taken back to Air Station Atlantic City where they were met by local EMS and taken by ambulance to Atlantic City Mainland Hospital, in Pomona, N.J., suffering from mild hypothermia. All three men were wearing life jackets. (Oct. 15)


One rescued, two missing

Station Niagara, N.Y.

The Coast Guard continued searching for two passengers of a 16-foot pleasure boat after it capsized on the Niagara River. The boat, with three people on board, capsized as it was heading toward Lake Ontario. A good Samaritan rescued the captain of the boat. One male and one female passenger were still missing. Crews from Coast Guard Station Niagara and a helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Detroit, along with the Niagara County Sheriff’s Department and Canadian resources were continuing their search. (Oct. 8)


Found on overturned hull

Air Station Clearwater, Fla.

Coast Guard crews rescued two fishermen sitting atop their overturned 15-foot fiberglass boat 24 miles southwest of Lido Key, Fla. The 41-year-old and 35-year-old men were reported missing when they did not return to their homes at dusk, following a fishing trip. The Coast Guard immediately launched a boat crew from Coast Guard Station Cortez, Fla. Subsequent searches were coordinated with a

C-130 aircraft and HH-60 helicopter crews from Air Station Clearwater as well as with the Florida Wildlife Commission. The HH-60 rescue crew from Air Station Clearwater spotted the men sitting atop their vessel and hoisted the two safely into the helicopter. They reported their boat flipped over while they attempted to work on the motor. The fishermen lost radios, cell phones and flares at that time. Rescuers praised the duo for wearing life vests and staying hydrated with water and iced tea for a day and a half, and for staying with their boat. They were also commended for sitting atop the vessel during their lengthy ordeal, which helped prevent hypothermia. (Oct. 20)


Coast Guard rescues pilot

Station Key West, Fla.

A crew from Station Key West rescued a Navy FA-18 pilot after he was forced to eject from the aircraft 36 miles southwest of Key West. The Navy pilot was then immediately hoisted from the Coast Guard vessel by a Navy HH-60 helicopter and taken to the Lower Keys Memorial Hospital. His condition was unknown. The Coast Guard received the report of the downed F-18 by Naval Air Station Key West. Several assets were launched or diverted to help in the search for the pilot. Coast Guard Station Key West launched two rescue boats, Air Station Miami launched an HH-65 helicopter and a Coast Guard Cutter was diverted. (Oct. 14)