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Coast Guard response report Long Island Sound

Recent responses from around the nation

Recent responses from around the nation

Boom knocks sailor overboard

Station Rochester, N.Y.

The Coast Guard rescued a 61-year-old man on LakeOntario when he was pulled from the water by Coast Guard Station Rochester’s 47-foot motor lifeboat crew. The man was sailing with a friend when the boom of his sailboat swung and knocked him from his boat. He was not wearing a life jacket and his friend did not know how to operate the sailboat. The Coast Guard was hailed on the radio for assistance by the friend stranded on the sailboat with no means to save his friend. After treading water for 25 minutes the man in the water was recovered more than a mile northwest of the GeneseeRiver and treated for a severe head laceration. He was taken back to Station Rochester and transferred to emergency medical services. The Coast Guard helped the friend sail back to shore. (Sept. 22)

Grounded party boat

Sector Long Island Sound, Conn.

A 62-foot fishing vessel that ran aground in Long Island Sound, one mile from Niantic, Conn., was safely refloated during high tide. United Oil Recycling, a commercial salvage company, removed around 400 gallons of fuel to lighten the vessel. One tug from Douglas Marine pulled the 62-foot charter fishing boat from the rocky bottom, then released the boat to steer under its own power to Noank Shipyard in Noank, Conn., where investigators from Sector Long Island Sound were to continue their investigation. The charter fishing boat ran aground on a rocky bottom and nearby good Samaritans quickly removed the 28 passengers. There were no reported injuries. The charter boat’s six-man crew reported a sheen on the water. Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection immediately deployed a boom around the boat to contain any leaking fuel. It was determined later that about 7 gallons of oily waste from the fishing boat’s bilge tanks had leaked. No other pollution was reported. The incident remained under investigation. (Sept. 29)

Man airlifted from boat

Station Point Judith, R.I.

A Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod helicopter hoisted a man from a boat that ran aground over rocky shoreline about eight miles west of Point Judith Harbor, R.I. The 48-year-old man was alone on a 28-foot sailboat when it lost engine power and ran aground on the Quonochontaug Breach Way. Coast Guard Station Point Judith launched a response boat, which was joined by two rescue boats from the Charlestown Police and Fire departments. Coast Guard Cutter Chinook, an 87-foot patrol boat homeported in New London, Conn., also responded. When none of the boats were able to get close enough to assist the sailor because of the danger of the rocks, a Jayhawk rescue helicopter hoisted the man to a nearby shoreline. A local salvage company later removed the sailboat from the rocks. The man hoisted from the sailboat did not report any injuries. (Sept. 30)

Severe pain offshore

Station Montauk, N.Y.

A man was medevaced from a 35-foot pleasure boat after experiencing severe stomach pain while at anchor on Montauk Lake, near Montauk, N.Y. Coast Guard Station Montauk received a report by marine band radio channel 16 from a man who said he felt a sharp pain in his stomach after he and the other passenger were pulling up the boat’s anchor. A rescue crew from Station Montauk immediately launched and arrived on scene. After receiving authorization from a Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod flight surgeon, the rescue crew transferred the man, who was alert and conscious, to the Coast Guard 25-foot rescue boat and took him to Station Montauk. Awaiting EMS personnel then transferred him to SouthamptonHospital in Montauk, N.Y., where he received further treatment. (Oct. 13)

Cardiac symptoms offshore

Station Merrimack River, N.H.

The Coast Guard assisted an 80-year-old man experiencing cardiac symptoms aboard a charter boat about 10 miles off the coast of Seabrook, N.H. The crew of the 90-foot charter boat called Coast Guard Sector Northern New England, requesting medical assistance for one of its passengers. Coast Guard Station Merrimack River launched a 47-foot rescue boat and arrived on scene. The Coast Guard crew transported the man to Hampton, where they were met by an ambulance from PortsmouthN.H., which transported him to a local hospital. (Oct. 17)

Collision with bridge

Station New London, Conn.

A boater with serious injuries was medevaced and another sustained minor injuries after their 17-foot pleasure boat collided with a bridge in Norwich, Conn. One individual appeared to be suffering from serious head and neck injuries, and the other from what appeared to be a minor leg injury. A 25-foot rescue boat crew from Coast Guard Station New London was on a routine patrol when they came across the damaged vessel near the Route 2 Bridge in Norwich. Coast Guard rescuers began first aid immediately. A Norwich Fire Department rescue boat crew arrived shortly after and medevaced the individual suffering from head and neck injuries. He was taken to the Norwich Town Dock where local Emergency Medical Technicians were waiting. The rescue crew from Station New London medevaced the other individual to the Norwich Town Dock. Both individuals were taken to a nearby hospital. The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection was investigating this incident. (Oct. 20)

Taking on water

Station Sandy Hook, N.J.

The Coast Guard was towing a 43-foot pleasure boat and two people to safety after it began taking on water near Buoy 1 in the Ambrose Channel. The cabin cruiser, home ported in Montreal, suffered a crack in the port exhaust, which reportedly caused the boat to take on water. A Coast Guard Station Sandy Hook 41-foot rescue boat crew arrived and began using pumps to dewater the cabin cruiser. The boat reportedly had accumulated about 8 inches of water. The Coast Guard rescue crew began towing the cruiser to the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Marina, while a crewmember remained aboard and continued dewatering. Both passengers aboard the cabin cruiser were wearing their life jackets. There were no reports of injuries or pollution. The sea condition was mild with 2- to 3-foot waves. (Oct. 8)

Alone and taking on water

Station Lake Worth Inlet, Fla.

Coast Guard search and rescue crews from Station Lake Worth Inlet, Fla., rescued a 58-year-old man from a 28-foot sailboat foundering about eight miles south of Lake Worth Inlet. Coast Guard search-and-rescue coordinators at Station Lake Worth Inlet received a cellular phone call from the wife of the man on the sailboat. She stated that the boat her husband was operating was taking on water near Lake Worth Inlet. The Coast Guard established communication with the man through the cellular phone and learned there was 2 feet of water in the boat and that he needed assistance. Coast Guard crews from Air Station Miami and Station Lake Worth Inlet launched to assist. The small-boat crew from Lake Worth Inlet arrived on scene and provided him with a dewatering pump. The small-boat crew, along with sailboat operator, salvaged the boat and escorted it to a marina in Lake Worth. The sailboat operator believed the source of the flooding was somewhere in the engine room. (Oct. 11)