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Coast Guard Response Report - New England


Recent responses from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and other states

Recent responses from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and other states

Sailors trapped on jetty

Station Brant Point, Mass.

Coast Guard crews from Air Station Cape Cod and Station Brant Point rescued two sailors after their 37-foot sailboat hit the rocks on the east jetty at the opening of Nantucket Harbor. The two sailors, ages 30 and 39, called Station Brant Point by cell phone and reported that their sailboat had struck the jetty, lost power and started taking on water. Both men were wearing life jackets. A crew aboard a 47-foot motor life boat from Station Brant Point launched soon after receiving the call. The Station Brant Point crew arrived on scene and was not able to reach the shallow area the sailors were trapped in. Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England immediately deployed an HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Air Station Cape Cod after receiving word from Station Brant Point that they were not able to rescue the sailors. After arriving on scene, a rescue swimmer was deployed into the water near the sailboat. Both men were taken off the sailboat and transferred to the motor life boat from Station Brant Point. Both men were reported to be in good condition and were not in need of any immediate medical attention. The weather was described as calm seas, clear visibility and 5- to 10-knot winds. The owners were working with commercial salvage to remove the sailboat from the jetty. (April 17)


Three boaters rescued

Station Point Judith, R.I.

Coast Guard Station Point Judith crewmembers rescued three men clinging to their overturned 17-foot boat near Misquamicut Beach in Westerly, R.I. The survivors were pulled on the 47-foot motor lifeboat (MLB) and taken to Weakapog Breachway where they were being evaluated by Emergency Medical Services. Station Point Judith was notified of the incident by local 911 dispatchers and immediately deployed the MLB and a 25-foot defender class boat to the scene. The boat was towed to Weakapog Breachway where Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management assumed custody. All three people were wearing life jackets. The Coast Guard reminds all boaters that immersion in such cold water is very dangerous. In addition to the threat of hypothermia, a person in cold water rapidly loses dexterity and the ability to swim. (April 21)


Kayakers rescued

Station Point Judith, R.I.

Station Point Judith pulled two kayakers out of the water in the area between Dutch Island and Fort Getty in Jamestown. A 54-year-old and his 16-year-old daughter were treated and released by Emergency Medical Services. Both kayakers were wearing life jackets. Station Castle Hill received a mayday call from a boat moored in the area reporting two kayakers in the water. The Point Judith crew was already in the vicinity and they arrived 10 minutes later and rescued both people. They were transferred to Fort Getty where they were met by EMS. The weather on scene was clear visibility with 1- to 2-foot waves. (April 18)


Surfers caught in current

Station Jones Beach, N.Y.

A Coast Guard crew from Station Jones Beach rescued two surfers from Jones Beach Inlet. The two men were surfing at Jones Beach with four other friends when strong currents began carrying them out to sea. Two of the surfers in the party were ashore at the West End Boat Basin in Freeport when they noticed the currents carrying the other four away and immediately notified 911 operators. A 47-foot rescue boat and crew were immediately diverted and rescued the two men within three minutes of receiving the report; the men had no injuries. The other two surfers caught in the current made it safely ashore at Point Lookout without Coast Guard assistance. The Coast Guard urges all beach-goers to share their plans with someone and to address safety concerns by contacting authorities such as lifeguards, police marine units or the Coast Guard for local information on currents and other unsafe conditions before entering the water. (March 26)


Three hoisted to safety

Air Station Atlantic City, N.J.

Three pleasure boaters were hoisted to safety by the Coast Guard after running aground in the Maurice River. New Jersey State Police reported to the Coast Guard that an 18-foot bow rider with a family of three on board had run aground in the Maurice River just south of Fort Esque, N.J. The shallow water made it impossible for the State Police boat to rescue the family so a rescue helicopter from Air Station Atlantic City was deployed. All three were airlifted by the rescue helicopter and taken to an airport in Millville, N.J., where they were met by other family members. All three family members were unharmed. (April 1)


Fishing vessel capsizes

Station Cape May, N.J.

Three people were rescued by the Coast Guard after their fishing boat capsized in the Delaware Bay. A Coast Guard rescue helicopter, a 41-foot utility boat from Coast Guard Station Cape May and a New Jersey State Police boat from the bivalve station were deployed when an urgent call for help came from the fishing boat. The operator and two other people were located by the helicopter after spending almost an hour clinging to the hull of their capsized 19-foot R-Marine fishing boat in 47-degree water. The three were helped into the rescue basket by a Coast Guard rescue swimmer and taken to South Jersey Regional Medical Center where they were treated for mild hypothermia and released. The boat’s operator used a handheld marine band radio to direct the helicopter to their location. None of the people on board the capsized boat were wearing life jackets. The Coast Guard urges boaters to always carry enough life jackets for everyone on board. (April 9)


Boat mechanic found dead

Sector North Carolina, N.C.

A 30-year-old man was found dead by a good Samaritan in the Trent Creek, just off of the Bay River. The day before, the owner of a 15-foot Scout pleasure boat notified Sector North Carolina that his mechanic was missing when he noticed his boat traveling in circles on the river, unmanned. The boat was in the process of undergoing repairs when spotted. A search of the boat revealed tools lying around on deck, the engine throttle ahead full, and the engine cover in the open position, without the mechanic aboard. Rescuers from Station Hobucken, Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, Pamlico County Sheriff’s Department, Pamlico Rescue, and both Pamlico and Craven Emergency Operations searched throughout the night and into the morning to find the man. The incident was under investigation by the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission. (April 8)


Tour boat sinks

Calibogue Sound, S.C.

The Coast Guard was leading the investigation into a tour boat that sank in the Calibogue Sound, S.C., with 28 people aboard. The reason for the sinking had not been determined. A good Samaritan picked up the passengers and crew. Twenty-two passengers were recovered in good condition, and six were transferred to local EMS with reported mild hypothermia. The Coast Guard is broadcasting an urgent marine information broadcast to boaters in the area to steer clear of the sunken boat because it poses it a hazard to navigation. (April 1)