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Coast Guard Response Sept New England

Recent responses from the Northeast and around the nation

Recent responses from the Northeast and around the nation

Intense weather

Air Station Cape Cod, Mass.

A Coast Guard air crew rescued two people from their sailboat about 230 miles south of Nantucket, Mass. Rescued were two sailors, both 50 years old, when their 33-foot sailboat encountered 15-foot seas and 45-mph winds. No injuries were reported. CoastGuardCommandCenter, Boston and United Kingdom Maritime Rescue Co-Ordination Centre Falmouth received an EPIRB signal from the sailboat indicating possible distress. MRCC Falmouth indicated the sailboat had departed a U.S. port, headed back to the United Kingdom. Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound issued an Urgent Marine Information Broadcast to alert other mariners in the area who could assist. AirStationCape Cod launched an HU-25 Falcon Jet and an HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter. AirStationElizabethCity, N.C. launched a HC-130J Hercules long-range aircraft to provide additional air support. The Falcon crew arrived on scene and dropped survival gear and a life raft to the sailboat. The boat’s crew was unable to retrieve the gear due to the difficult conditions. The HU-25 Falcon Jet’s pilot described the wind and sea conditions as intense. The HC-130J aircraft and the HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter air crew then arrived on scene. The two seafarers were hoisted into the helicopter and transported to Nantucket airport due to low visibility. Once the fog lifted, the crew was able to return to Cape Cod. The Coast Guard has issued a Safety Marine Information Broadcast regarding the adrift sailboat. (June 4)

Person in the water

Station Southwest Harbor, Maine

The Coast Guard and National Park Service Rangers attempted to rescue a person in the water on the ocean side of Acadia National Park, Maine. CoastGuardStationSouthwestHarbor received a cell phone call from a person reporting a woman had fallen into the water in a rocky area of Schoodic Point. The U.S. National Park Service rangers responded on-shore. The crew of a 41-foot utility boat from Coast Guard Station Southwest Harbor arrived on-scene. The 56-year old woman was recovered by the crew of the utility boat who then commenced CPR. The woman was transferred to EMS at WinterHarbor and was later pronounced dead. The cause of the accident was under investigation by the U.S. National Park Service. (June 2)

Charter boat in distress

Station Chatham, Mass.

The Coast Guard rescued seven people after they became stranded aboard a disabled charter boat in threatening seas off the coast of Cape Cod, Mass. Station Chatham received a report that a 34-foot sport fishing boat from Chatham had lost electrical power and was adrift about 10 miles southeast of Monomoy Island. The master initially called a local boatyard in Chatham, who relayed the information to the Coast Guard. Without power, the charter boat had no working navigational equipment or means of relaying a position. The boat soon drifted farther out to sea, and their only means of on-board communication, cell phones, were soon out of usable range. A crew aboard a 32-foot near-shore lifeboat from Station Chatham began searching the area off MonomoyIsland. An HH-60 helicopter crew from Air Station Cape Cod located the boat. A rescue swimmer deployed from the helicopter to check on the condition of the people aboard and confirmed all people were safe and uninjured. The boat crew from Station Chatham took the boat in tow. Station Chatham deployed a second boat to remove charter customers off the boat and take them back to shore, but rough seas prevented a transfer. Instead, the second crew provided blankets and water to the passengers and stayed alongside during the tow. Earlier in the day, a small-craft weather warning had been posted for the area. On-scene weather conditions were 4- to 6-foot seas, 25- to 30-knot winds. The charter boat arrived safely in Chatham. (June 12)

Sinking fishing boat

Station Provincetown, Mass.

Two Massachusetts fishermen were rescued after their boat sank near Provincetown, Mass. The fishing boat’s crew made a distress call to Station Provincetown on VHF channel 16. They said their 45-foot boat was flooding and they were abandoning ship. A rescue crew launched and arrived on scene within minutes and recovered the two men, who by that time were in their life raft. The fishing boat had sunk in about 200 feet of water. The men arrived safely at Station Provincetown. The boat’s sinking was under investigation. (June 9)

Athlete found deceased

Station New Orleans, La.

The Coast Guard was searching for a man who was reported missing in Lake Pontchartrain. The missing man was Marquise Hill, 25, a New Orleans native and defensive end for the New England Patriots. The Coast Guard suspended the search after he was found deceased in Lake Pontchartrain. Hill was found by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and transferred to the New Orleans coroner’s office. Rescue boat crews from Coast Guard Station New Orleans and a rescue helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans had searched throughout the night for Hill. (May 28)

Rescued after capsize

Station Rochester, N.Y.

The Coast Guard rescued three people in the water after their small boat capsized. Station Rochester received notification of people in distress after one person aboard the boat made radio mayday calls. A Station Rochester crew launched their 47-foot utility boat to assist the boaters. A good Samaritan noticed the people in distress and was en route to assist as well. Once on scene, the Station Rochester crew pulled the three people out of the water and aboard their boat, and transited back to Braddock Bay. The good Samaritan took the boat in tow and followed the Coast Guard into the harbor. All three people on board the capsized boat were wearing life jackets. (June 22)