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Coast Guard Responses

Rescued from Lake Erie

Station Buffalo, N.Y

Two people were rescued from the wreckage of their boat in Canadian waters in Lake Erie. The Canadian men called Coast Guard Station Buffalo on their cell phone after their boat sank from under them. The Coast Guard watchstander at the station told the men to put on their life vests, and that help was on the way. A 23-foot response boat was launched to the scene and rescued the men from the water about a half-hour later. They were transported to Station Buffalo where EMS assessed them. Both men are reported to be in good condition. (May 14)

Nighttime grounding

Air Station Atlantic City, N.J.

Seven people were rescued from their boat after becoming disoriented and running aground in the Mullica River the night before. A 23-foot runabout boat was found early in the morning by a Coast Guard rescue helicopter from Air Station Atlantic City. The seven people on board were hoisted to safety after spending the night on the river. A family member notified the Coast Guard at 2 a.m. and reported that the seven on board had failed to return home from a daylong boating trip. The seven boaters were brought back to Air Station Atlantic City where they were checked by local medical technicians and released. In addition to the rescue helicopter, a 21-foot patrol boat from Coast Guard Station Beachhaven was also involved in the search. (May 15)

Stranded overnight

Station Portsmouth, Va.

The Coast Guard assisted a Fort Eustis security crew in the rescue of four people who were stranded overnight after their engine broke down. The boaters report they left a marina on the James River. They lost power and drifted to a beach at Fort Eustis, where they spent the night. A marina employee called the Coast Guard to report them overdue after the employee noticed their truck was still parked there. Coast Guard controllers launched a 41-foot rescue boat from Station Portsmouth and a rescue helicopter from Elizabeth City. A Fort Eustis security boat crew found the people on the beach and took them back to the marina. The Coast Guard boat escorted that boat to the marina. (April 25)

Boat strikes jetty

Station Grays Harbor, Wash.

Two fishermen were safe after their boat collided with a jetty near Grays Harbor, Wash. The operator of the 32-foot fishing boat contacted the Coast Guard on VHF channel 16 to report that his boat struck the Grays Harbor north jetty after he fell asleep at the helm. A 47-foot motor lifeboat from Coast Guard Station Grays Harbor and an HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Coast Guard Group/Air Station Astoria, Ore., were launched minutes later to assist the men. The Ocean Shores, Wash., Police Department also responded to assist. The crew of the motor lifeboat located the men on the jetty near their severely damaged and partially submerged fishing boat. The men were able to walk from the jetty to shore. (May 5)