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Coast Guard Responses Florida

Recent responses from Florida and the South

Recent responses from Florida and the South

Boat strikes seawall

Station Miami Beach, Fla.

Coast Guard crews responded to an incident in which a 35-foot pleasure boat collided with the seawall at Miami Beach Marina. A watchstander at Coast Guard Station Miami Beach received a call over VHF channel 16 from a passenger aboard the boat, stating that five people on board had sustained injuries. Two boats from Coast Guard Station Miami Beach, along with personnel from Miami Beach Fire Rescue and Miami Dade Fire Rescue, were immediately dispatched to the incident site. Three of the injured boaters were brought to Station Miami Beach and transferred to local EMS. The other two boaters were taken aboard the second Coast Guard rescue boat and transported to Station Miami Beach where they were transferred to awaiting EMS. The Coast Guard says that boaters planning to purchase a VHF radio should consider buying a model that has Digital Selective Calling, or DSC, which when activated automatically broadcasts an encoded distress call that can be picked up by response agencies as well as nearby vessels equipped with a DSC capable radio. (April 8)

Three in life raft

Air Station Clearwater, Fla.

The Coast Guard was bringing three men to Coast Guard Station Port Canaveral who were spotted 60 miles off the coast in a life raft. The three men — ages 30, 92 and 60 — left together on a 40-foot sailboat from Port Canaveral en route to the Bahamas. The three men were reported missing when a friend didn’t hear from the men as scheduled. The Coast Guard launched an HU-25 falcon jet from Air Station Miami and a C-130 Hercules fixed-wing aircraft from Air Station Clearwater, Fla., to search for the missing men. The C-130 spotted the men in a life raft shooting flares and using a strobe to signal the aircraft. The Coast Guard requested assistance from a nearby good Samaritan who picked up the three men. An HH-60 helicopter from Air Station Clearwater launched to retrieve the men and bring them back to Coast Guard Station Port Canaveral to awaiting EMS. (April 8)

Two aboard capsized cat

Air Station Clearwater, Fla.

A Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater rescue helicopter crew hoisted two people from a capsized catamaran about 175 miles southwest of Tampa. The 60-year-old man and his 58-year-old wife were sailing from Isla Mujeres, Mexico, to Anclote, Fla., when their 35-foot catamaran hit a squall and capsized. Salt water activated the EPIRB on board the sailboat, giving its location. The Coast Guard’s 7th DistrictCommandCenter in Miami received the signal and launched an Air Station Clearwater C-130 search plane to locate the distressed boaters. The search plane found the capsized catamaran and flew overhead until the rescue helicopter could get on scene to hoist the couple. The helicopter arrived safely at Air Station Clearwater. No injuries were reported and the couple refused treatment. (April 12)

Cut by prop

Station Lake Worth Inlet, Fla.

A rescue boat crew from Coast Guard Station Lake Worth Inlet assisted a 55-year-old woman after she suffered a laceration on her foot 1.5 miles off Riviera Beach. A watchstander at Station Lake Worth Inlet received a radio call from a crewmember on board a parasailing boat, alerting them that, while pulling the woman, a gust of wind caused her to fall into the water and slice her foot on the propeller. A rescue crew was dispatched on a 33-foot special purpose craft and picked up the woman for further transfer to Riviera Beach Marina where Emergency Medical Services awaited her arrival. She was reported to be in stable condition at the time of the transfer and was transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. (April 5)

Missing after capsize

Station Miami Beach, Fla.

Coast Guard rescue crews as well as crews from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were searching for one of two men who were on board a boat that capsized near Fowey Rocks, Fla. Searching for the missing passenger were a HH-65 Dolphin helicopter aircrew from Air Station Miami as well as crews from a 41-foot utility boat and a 33-foot SPL-LE boat from Station Miami Beach. One of the passengers from the capsized boat was rescued by a good Samaritan. The rescued man was transported by a Coast Guard 33-foot boat from Station Miami Beach to MercyHospital in Miami. The man was reported to be suffering from shock and hypothermia. The rescued man reported the other passenger was last seen in the water and without a life jacket. (April 12)

Daysail turns deadly

Station St. Petersburg, Fla.

The Coast Guard assisted in the rescue of a man who was tossed from his 12-foot sailboat, along with his father, after a gust of wind blew the men from their boat about two miles west of Apollo Beach. The Coast Guard received a call from a good Samaritan stating that two men were adrift in the water. The 65-year-old father was found face down in the water near his 40-year-old son. The good Samaritan threw the son a life jacket but was unable to bring him aboard his boat. Another good Samaritan recovered both men from the water. Coast Guard Station St.Petersburg immediately launched a 25-foot rescue boat and arrived on scene. The rescue crew immediately began CPR; both men were taken to the Apollo Marina where Hillsborough EMS attempted to revive the father with negative results and pronounced him dead. The son’s condition remained stable. (March 25)

Three aboard sinking vessel

Miami Beach, Fla.

A boat crew from Coast Guard Station Fort Lauderdale rescued three people from a 93-foot catamaran after the boat began sinking a half-mile off HollywoodBeach. The crewmembers were unable to deploy the boat’s life raft and were clinging to the bow as the Coast Guard assets arrived. The three people were transferred off the boat safely. The catamaran sank in 23 feet of water. The Coast Guard has issued a Broadcast Notice to Mariners reporting the submerged boat’s location. There is currently 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel contained with the catamaran and minimal sheen has been observed by Coast Guard inspectors. The Coast Guard was monitoring the owner’s salvage and pollution efforts. The boat’s owner has hired Sea Tow as salvage contractor and had scheduled salvage efforts for when appropriate salvage equipment will become available. Commercial salvage divers dove the vessel area and have not found any indication of further contamination. The cause of the sinking was not known. (March 26)