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Coast Guard Responses Long Island Sound

Alone on overturned hull

Station Great Egg, N.J.

A good Samaritan and the Coast Guard rescued a sailor after the sailboat he was on capsized about eight miles southeast of Corson’s Inlet, N.J. The 57-year-old man was discovered in a survival suit, sitting atop his overturned sailboat by the pilot of a recreational fishing boat. The good Samaritan contacted the Coast Guard, which launched rescue boat crews from Coast Guard stations Great Egg and Townsend Inlet, N.J. The rescue crew from Station Great Egg arrived on scene and took the man back to their station in Ocean City, N.J., to EMS personnel. He was examined and released by medical personnel at the station. The man was aboard his 31-foot sailboat transiting from Cape May to Massachusetts when his boat capsized off the New Jersey coast. He was working with salvage crews from Sea Tow to develop a salvage plan for his boat. (May 10)

Aground and injured

Station Cape May, N.J.

The Coast Guard medevaced a 16-year-old woman after the 32-foot boat she was on ran aground in SunsetLake north of Cape May Harbor, N.J. The Coast Guard received a call reporting the boat with three people aboard ran aground. The young woman was ejected from the boat when it ran aground and sustained head injuries. A rescue boat crew from Coast Guard Station Cape May arrived on scene and transported her to a marina in Wildwood, N.J., and transferred her to emergency medical personnel. She was taken to a nearby medical center. (May 23)

Battered in storm

Air Station Atlantic City, N.J.

The Coast Guard rescued two sailors after they were caught in a storm and experienced engine problems near Liston Point, Del. Both men, 48, were transiting from Rye to Gratitude, Md., aboard a 27-foot sailboat when the two men got caught in a storm, experienced engine failure, and couldn’t find safe harbor. They notified the Coast Guard, which dispatched crews from Port Penn, Del., Fire and Rescue, Coast Guard Station Philadelphia and Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City, N.J. With the sailboat being pushed toward the jetties between Liston Point and Blackbird Creek, Del., the rescue boat crews were unable to reach the sailors safely. The helicopter rescue crew hoisted both men and transferred them back to the air station, where they were in good health. The sailboat’s owner is working with commercial salvage to save the boat. (May 12)

Disabled and sinking

St. Inigoes, Md.

The Coast Guard assisted the sole operator of a 19-foot boat near St. Inigoes, Md., after the boat became disabled and started to take on water. Once on scene, the Coast Guard crew discovered the flooding had stabilized and began to tow the boat. The Coast Guard was towing the boat to St. George Island, Md. An inspection of the boat was planned to determine the cause of the flooding. (April 30)