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Coast Guard Responses – New England

Recent responses from around the nation

Recent responses from around the nation

Shark bite victim hoisted

Air Station Miami, Fla.

The crew of a Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin helicopter from Air Station Miami hoisted a shark-bite victim about 50 miles east of Fort Lauderdale. The 50-year-old man was diving off the 70-foot commercial diving boat when he was attacked by the shark. The Coast Guard received a mayday from a crew member. The Dolphin helicopter crew was immediately launched and, once on scene, safely hoisted the man and transferred him to a hospital in Miami. (Feb. 24)

Offshore, taking on water

Station Atlantic City, N.J.

The Coast Guard rescued three fishermen who were aboard a 66-foot boat that was taking on water 66 miles east of Atlantic City, N.J. The Coast Guard received a call from a crewman aboard the fishing boat reporting they needed assistance. A helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City arrived on scene and lowered a rescue swimmer and a dewatering pump aboard the boat. A crew aboard another fishing boat arrived on scene and transferred a dewatering pump aboard the stricken boat as well. The fishing boat had taken aboard a total of 11 feet of water by the time rescuers arrived and the stern was completely submerged. The fishermen pumped out the water and located the source of the flooding. The crew of Coast Guard cutter Dependable arrived on scene and patched up the fist-sized hole near the rear engine room on the right side of the fishing boat. The three fishermen were under way on their own power en route for Point Pleasant, N.J. (Feb. 3)

Hoisted from life raft

Air Station Atlantic City, N.J.

Three people were hoisted from a life raft by a Coast Guard helicopter rescue crew after their 38-foot fishing boat began sinking 12 miles south of Fire Island, N.Y. The boat was mostly submerged when Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound received the distress call over marine band radio channel 16. A rescue boat crew from Station Fire Island immediately responded. An HH-65 helicopter rescue crew from Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City located three fishermen wearing protective suits in a survival raft. A rescue basket was lowered and all three fishermen were hoisted onboard the helicopter. Due to bad weather, the three fishermen were brought to Station Fire Island, where West Islip emergency medical personnel took them to a local hospital. There were no reported injuries. The three fishermen were in a life raft, wearing protective dry suits and had a working emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) on board, the Coast Guard reported.(Feb. 13)

Boater’s body found

Station Miami Beach, Fla.

The Coast Guard has ended its search after a good Samaritan located the body of a 45-year-old missing Miami boater three miles east of Sands Key, Fla. The victim’s unmanned boat, still engaged, was located by two good Samaritans off Elliott Key, Fla. The Good Samaritans managed to stop the boat, and after going on board, located a cellular phone. They called the last number dialed and spoke with a person claiming to be the man’s father. Search-and-rescue crews from Coast Guard Station Miami Beach, Station Islamorada, Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater, Fla., Air Station Miami, Coast Guard Cutters Ocracoke and Gannet, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue searched more than 3,000 square miles for almost three days in an effort to locate the man. (Jan. 29)

Three overdue fishermen

Air Station Atlantic City, N.J.

The Coast Guard rescued three fishermen who were aboard a disabled 72-foot fishing boat, 44 miles off the coast of Cape May, N.J. The Coast Guard received a call reporting the boat was overdue from a fishing trip. Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City diverted a helicopter crew from a routine flight to search for thefishermen. The helicopter crew located the fishing boat and learned it was disabled, taking on water and two crew members were injured. The two injured men were the 57-year-old captain, who sustained a hand injury, and a 37-year-old man suffering from asthma-like symptoms. The air crew hoisted the two injured men aboard and transported them to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center for treatment. Another helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City was dispatched to the scene and lowered a dewatering pump to the remaining man aboard the boat. The crew of the 87-foot Coast Guard cutter Ibis, homeported in Cape May, N.J., was on scene and planned to tow the fishing boat back to Cape May. (Jan. 31)

Four in the water

Station Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

A Coast Guard rescue crew from Station Fort Lauderdale pulled four people to safety after their 17-foot pleasure boat capsized off Haulover Inlet, Fla. The four men were about a mile outside of the inlet when their vessel unexpectedly capsized and left the four in the water. A Good Samaritan notified the Coast Guard, using a VHF radio.The rescue crew from Fort Lauderdale launched their 33-foot SPC-LE vessel and safely recovered each person and transferred them to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. Sea Tow also responded and was able to salvage the capsized boat and tow it to a nearby marina. (Feb. 16)

Boat capsized, owner missing

Station Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The Coast Guard was looking for information concerning the whereabouts of a 40-year-old man believed to have been on a boat that was found capsized 12 miles east of Haulover Inlet, Fla. A Good Samaritan passed by the overturned 30-foot Century boat and immediately notified the Coast Guard, using a VHF radio. The Good Samaritan reported there were no people in the vicinity of the overturned boat. Search-and-rescue coordinators at Coast Guard Sector Miami launched two 33-foot SPC-LE vessels from Station Fort Lauderdale, Fla., an HH-65C Dolphin helicopter from Air Station Miami and Coast Guard cutter Kodiak Island.A fireboat from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue also responded to the call. TowBoatU.S. towed the capsized boat to the 15th Street boat ramp in Fort Lauderdale, and the Coast Guard began an investigation. Coast Guard search-and-rescue coordinators at Sector Miami eventually talked to the owner of the capsized boat. He reported that he had been in Tampa over the weekend and, when he returned to his home, reported his boat stolen to the police department in Cutler Ridge, Fla. The Coast Guard then suspended its search efforts. (Feb. 18)

Skipper missing in capsize

Air Station Borinquen, P.R.

The Coast Guard is searching for a boater whose 20-foot fishing boat was found overturned about seven miles north of Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands. Coast Guard search and rescue coordinators at Sector San Juan, Puerto Rico, received a telephone call from the wife of the man from the British Virgin Islands, reporting that he was overdue. An HH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Air Station Borinquen, Puerto Rico, an HC-130 Hercules aircraft crew from Air Station Clearwater, Fla., and boat crews from the Virgin Islands Search and Rescue unit were all launched to search for the man. If anyone has any information on the missing man, they are asked to contact Sector San Juan at (787) 289-2040. (Feb. 14) n

Search for overdue anglers

Station Gulfport, Miss.

The Coast Guard located two fishermen in the Chandeleur Sound after they were reported overdue by the wife of one of the fishermen. Coast Guard Station Gulfport received a call from the wife, reporting that her husband and his friend had not returned home from a fishing trip. The Coast Guard launched an HU-25 Falcon crew from Coast Guard Aviation Training Center and a 41-foot small boat crew from Coast Guard Station Gulfport to help locate the men. The crew of the Falcon spotted the men and contacted them via a radio they dropped on their location. The fishermen had been stranded due to a seized engine, and were towed into Bay St. Louis, Miss., by a Good Samaritan. (Feb. 24)

Tanker loses anchor

Charleston, S.C.

The Coast Guard and other local agencies were searching for a ship’s missing anchor in the Cooper River. A 584-foot Liberian-flagged tank vessel lost propulsion in the river just north of the Ravenel Bridge. The vessel dropped its port anchor; however, it separated from the vessel and sank in the Cooper River between Drum Island Reach and Wando Lower Reach. The exact position and depth of the anchor was unknown. The tank vessel was secured, and the Coast Guard captain of the port in Charleston established a safety zone for the Cooper and Wando River from the Ravenel Bridge to the Don Holt Bridge. Salvage crews eventually recovered the separated anchor and chain from the bottom of the Cooper River. The captain of the port then canceled the safety zone and re-opened the river to all traffic without restriction. (Feb. 17)

Haitian mariners rescued

Caribbean Sea

The crew of Coast Guard cutter Dependable rescued five Haitian mariners after the 40-foot wooden sailboat they were on became disabled about 25 miles off the coast of Haiti. The five men had been under way for eight days and were transiting from Nassau, Bahamas, back to Haiti, carrying cargo of mattresses and batteries. The survivors reported their mast had broken the night before during heavy winds and they had no engine. An HH-65C rescue helicopter crew located the men in a 10-foot dinghy towing the sailboat toward Haiti. The Haitian crew requested assistance and a rescue crew from Dependable went aboard the boat to assess its stability and to rig a towline. The crew of Dependable towed the sailboat about 25 miles into Cap du Mole, Haiti. (Feb. 20)

Train car derailment

Marine Safety Unit Toledo, Ohio

Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Toledo responded to reports of two Norfolk Southern train cars derailing while crossing Sandusky Bay. The two inter-modal train cars were not tank cars, and there was no indication of any pollution or release of hazardous materials at the time. MSU Toledo notified all response agencies in the area as a precaution. Coast Guard investigators, Erie County Emergency Management and Ohio EPA were on scene with Norfolk Southern representatives. The incident was under investigation. (Jan. 30)