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Coast Guard Responses – New England

Recent responses from around the nation

Recent responses from around the nation

Two aboard sinking boat

Station Gloucester, Mass.

The Coast Guard plucked two fishermen from a 42-foot trawler moments before it sank three miles from Gloucester, Mass. The crew of the trawler broadcasted a mayday on VHF channel 16, saying their boat was taking on water. Coast Guard Station Gloucester personnel responded and deployed a 25-foot rescue boat crew and 47-foot motor lifeboat to their position, about three miles south of Eastern Point in Gloucester. The motor lifeboat crew arrived and rescued the two fishermen. A minute later, the trawler rolled onto its side and eventually submerged. The reported weather was 20-knot winds, 6-foot seas and water temperature of 37 degrees. Coast Guard Sector Boston issued a marine safety broadcast to warn other mariners in the area of the submerged vessel. (March 25)

Cold and disoriented

Station Atlantic City, N.J.

The Coast Guard medevaced a 70-year-old man off the coast of Atlantic City after exposure to foul weather left him cold and disoriented. The Coast Guard received a call from a passenger aboard a 25-foot, open-cabin boat, stating one of the people aboard was cold, shivering and disoriented following a rainstorm. A rescue boat crew from Coast Guard Station Atlantic City took the man aboard their 47-foot rescue boat for treatment until he was transferred to awaiting medical personnel at the Coast Guard station. (April 12)

Circling boat, no skipper

Station Sand Key, Fla.

Crewmembers from Coast Guard Station Sand Key, in Clearwater, Fla., rescued two boaters from the water in the vicinity of ClearwaterBeach. A Good Samaritan called Coast Guard watchstanders, reporting he had come upon a 23-foot, center-console boat that was going in circles with no one aboard about three miles west of Clearwater Pass. The Good Samaritan was able stop the boat’s engine and, in doing so, located a wallet on board belonging to one of the missing boaters. Two 25-foot response boats from Coast Guard Station Sand Key arrived on scene and began searching for the missing boaters. A 54-year-old man was pulled from the water about five miles west of ClearwaterBeach. A 44-year-old man was rescued about a half-mile away from the first man. Neither man was wearing a life jacket. One of the men reported he was suffering from moderate hypothermia.Both men were brought to awaiting EMS at Coast Guard Station Sand Key, and were taken to LargoMedicalCenter. According to one of the men, they were ejected from the boat when it hit a wave. Their boat was brought to Station Sand Key. (April 19)

Flare launched

Air Station Atlantic City, N.J.

The Coast Guard, working with state and local agencies, rescued four boaters who were aboard a 10-foot, flat-bottom boat that broke down near Smyrna, Del. Family members contacted the Coast Guard when the four individuals failed to return home from a boating trip. A rescue helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City was on a training mission in the area and diverted to search for the boaters. While searching, the air crew spotted a distress flare and located the four boaters. With no medical emergencies, the Coast Guard rescue crew provided light and guided boat crews from Delaware Fish and Wildlife and local fire departments to the boater’s position. (April 21)

Aground on a sandbar

Station Charleston, S.C.

Four boaters were rescued by the Coast Guard after their boat ran aground near the jetties on the southern portion of the CharlestonHarbor entrance. Three passengers were on a 33-foot boat piloted by a fourth boater when the vessel ran aground on a sandbar. The boat was tipped to one side, and waves began crashing into the boat. A nearby boater called Coast Guard Sector Charleston for assistance for the four boaters on the foundering vessel. Sector launched a rescue boat from Station Charleston and a rescue helicopter from Air Facility Charleston to assist the boaters. A nearby TowBoatU.S. salvage boat joined in the effort. The 33-foot boat was in water too shallow for the rescue or salvage boats to safely reach. The four were having difficulty getting to their life jackets, so the aircrew was brought in to hoist the four to safety. The helicopter’s rescue swimmer jumped into the river near the boat and swam to it. The flight mechanic in the helicopter and the rescue swimmer hoisted the four into the helicopter using a hoist basket. The four were brought to Air Facility Charleston. None of the boaters were injured during the incident. The boat was salvaged by TowBoatU.S., and there was no report of pollution from the vessel. The boaters were returning to CharlestonHarbor after a boating trip offshore. The seas where the boaters ran aground were approximately three feet with 17-mph winds and a water temperature of approximately 65 degrees. (April 7)